We are Federally Approved  OWCP HEALTH PROVIDERS


We Serve the New York City area.


Do you work for the federal government?


Have You been injured on the job and you don’t know where to go for care?


Are you seeking medical, orthopedic, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy?


If you are suffering from pain and need care, visit our federal worker’s website or

schedule a consultation with our professionals

by calling 718-601-1540


David Lent MD



Deborah Eisen MD

Family Medicine


Mark Eisen DC



Teresa Berger, LAc



The OWCP will request that you use only their pre-authorized doctors, and they will request that their representative monitor your medical visits with the doctor, and may report back to OWCP with his/her opinion of your course of treatment.

Our expertise is dealing with these situations and to provide you with the best care.

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