Join us every Monday from 1:15pm to 2:00pm for a discussion on a health-related topic.

A light, healthy lunch will be provided.

As always, the workshop is free of charge, but we do request that all who would like to attend RSVP no later than the preceding Friday by calling 718-601-1540.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Schedule of topics:

  • January 30th – “Stress: Adapt or Perish” – been feeling a little stressed out lately?  Discover some of the more common (some surprising!) sources of physical, emotional, and chemical stress, and the effects on the body and mind.  We will also show you some effective ways of making yourself more resilient to the negative effects of stress
  • February 6st – “Osteoporosis” – wouldn’t it be great if someone told you how to prevent loss of bone mass before it’s too late?  Learn why bones lose their density, and some helpful ways to avoid it
  • February 13th – “Carpal Tunnel” – this all-too-common disorder is becoming even more prevalent in our age of computers and video games.  We will explain what the carpal tunnel is, how it becomes a “syndrome,” and ways to manage it without surgery
  • February 20th – “Arthritis” – it’s not a disease you get when you “get old.”  Arthritis changes can take place in the spine much earlier than you think, and yes you can stop and even reverse its progression!
  • February 27th – “Headaches” – one of the most common health-related reasons for missing work.  This workshop will cover the different types of headaches, and explain how the most common type is probably not what you thought
  • March 5th – “Fibromyalgia” – uncover the secret behind this debilitating but mysterious disorder, and learn how chiropractic can help prevent painful flare-ups
  • March 12th – “Peak Performance” – want to get the most out of your body? Learn how proper nutrition, exercise, and spinal alignment can turn your body into a well-oiled machine
  • March 19th – “No More Back Attacks” – low back pain results in millions of dollars of lost work and untold suffering.  Did you know that most of the causes of back pain are a direct result our activity throughout the day?  We will discuss common causes of low back pain, as well easy ways to prevent it
  • March 26th – “Power Nutrition” – food fuels every system and process that takes place in your body.  Make sure that you are fueling with foods that will work for you, mentally and physically!
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