My name is Anna, I am 27 years old and I have a story of how Chiropractic care has helped me.  Before, I found Dr. Eisen and chiropractic care I had a problem controlling my bladder and sleeping through the night because I would wake up so often to use the bathroom.  It was incredible frustrating not being able to control my bladder, especially at my young age.  It is a problem I have had since childhood, but recently became so much worse.  It would be hard for me to get through a movie, vacation dinner or even sleep through the night because I would constantly have to use the bathroom.  Also the urges would be so strong that I couldn’t hold it and would have to use the bathroom immediately.  Then I went to see Dr. Eisen for back and neck pains and he had introduced me to the wonders of chiropractic care.  He explained to me that I had so much nerve interference that my body and my organs were not working to the best of their ability.  Eliminating the nerve interference would allow my body to work at its best.  Now after only about 2 short months, not only is my neck and back pains gone, but with regular adjustments from Dr. Eisen, I am better able to control my bladder and for the first time in a really long time, I am actually sleeping through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom.  I feel great!!!!  and have so much more confidence because I don’t have to worry as much about loosing control of my bladder. I am a strong believer in chiropractic care and would recommend it to everyone of all ages.  Give it a try and see what a difference it can make for you.


Anna M.

Patient testimonial on pregnancy, began care during her last trimester.

Pateint presented with low back pain that travelled down her leg. She was successful with spinal decompression.



June 26, 2007

During this past Memorial Day weekend, I was overcome with severe back pain. So at my friend’s insistence, I called Dr. Mark Eisen and he told me to come right to his office. ( I was shocked because I wasn’t his patient.) The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the homey feeling in a meticulously clean waiting room. Upon meeting Dr. Eisen, I was impressed with his empathy and compassionate demeanor which quickly put me at ease, while his professional care eased my pain .

Now several weeks later, I am virtually pain free with two additional benefits: I no longer have to endure urinary frequency and I’ve lost six pounds. Why? Because there was nerve interference to my nervous system and my body wasn’t working right. Yes. I am profoundly grateful for his care and sensitivity.

Among today’s professionals who see patients on an assembly line basis, Dr. Eisen is an exception. He exhibits all the qualities one seeks in the medical profession: professionalism, warmth, and compassion.




I have had chronic back problems for the past four years with limited relief from a former chiropractor. This past summer, 2008, following a revision knee replacement surgery, my back problems were exacerbated to the point of intense discomfort and limited movement. As luck would have it, a friend of mine told me about Dr. Eisen and how successfully he treated her shoulder. Upon calling his office, I was cheerfully greeted by Dr. Eisen himself. He was able to see me that same day and immediately put me at ease. He first explained that his practice focused on wellness, and how a healthy spine was important to one’s overall health. After a thorough assessment of my spine, he pointed out to me, with digital x-rays, the areas that needed attention and discussed how my treatment would proceed. Dr. Eisen also took time to show me his office complex and explained in detail the types of treatment I would be receiving. Beginning with sessions three days a week, I am now, after a few months, going once a week for treatment. Periodically, Dr. Eisen has evaluated my condition with state of the art technology. Now my back feels, and is much better, with my walking much improved as well. I am grateful to Dr. Eisen for his expertise and geniune concern for each client’s well-being. One never waits for a scheduled appointment, and when the need arises, he will always fit a patient in his schedule. Dr. Eisen exhibits the highest level of professionalism and is knowledgeable and understanding of each individual’s needs. He is thorough, personable, kind and empathic. All these qualities make him special, and I feel fortunate to have him as my chiropractic wellness practitioner.




Back in October of 2004 I was involved in a horseback riding accident. I went to the orthopedist because my back was twisted and my left leg was dragging. The orthopedist told me (without touching me and only looking at x-rays) that since nothing was broken, all they could do was give me cortisone shots for the pain. I started seeing Dr. Eisen that November. Dr. Eisen was able to not only alleviate the pain on a short term basis, but to help me through the whole recovery process. He would patiently put my back into place so I could work on strengthening it again. When I suffered some complications due to the fall, he helped me get the answers I needed. We were able to strengthen my back muscles, so I no longer have a limp from a previous accident. I was able to get off my pain medications (also with the help of Teresa Berger’s consultations) that I had been on for years. He got me back riding a horse again! When no one else seemed to care if I got better through this long process, Dr. Eisen always made sure that I knew someone was in my corner fighting for me. I honestly do not know where I would be without Dr. Eisen…on disability perhaps…All I can say is that thanks to his hard work and the help of his staff, I am a whole person again. I am eternally grateful to them all.




I first met Dr. Eisen when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child and in desperate pain. I could barely walk, dragging one leg while hobbling on the other because I couldn’t bend my knee without agony in my hip and fire shooting down the leg. My baby had shifted and must have been leaning on a nerve or bone. I couldn’t take it anymore and did not want to ingest the prescription painkillers my OB prescribed. I didn’t know who to call or what to do. I needed someone local and I needed someone who would take me immediately. Someone who would take me today. I called Dr. Eisen and not only did I speak to him on the phone but, he told me to come in right away. I was impressed. I was there within 2 hours. After some stretching and frequent visits, sometimes as many as 3 per week, I was feeling better. Walking with less hobbling my face expressed more smiles. I was impressed with his patience, level of knowledge and commitment to health and wellness. As time passed we talked and got to know each other. His intentions were always clear: he wants nothing more than for people to get and stay healthy. I not only admired his convictions but appreciated his encouragement.

After my daughter was born via C-section I waited several weeks to heal before coming back to see Dr. Eisen. I was welcomed as if I never left. He wasn’t sure if he was going to see me again. How could I not come back after he helped me in my time of need? In short, I became a convert to chiropractic medicine. Previously, I had done some research and reading and I’ll admit I was scared, especially of the neck aligning part but Dr. Eisen is no novice and made me feel comfortable and calm about everything he was doing. His explanations of treatments were always clear and concise and I grew to trust him. These are not just qualities that he possesses. He tries to hire staff and encourage them to express their commitment to wellness as well. Dr. Eisen’s dedication and devotion to wellness permeates his office and practice and it’s a pleasure to visit. I look forward to my weekly sessions. It’s been over 2 years since I started and I feel great. I have more energy. I sleep better and I have the emotional strength to take care of my two toddlers. Thanks for caring and being committed. A rare find in thse times.




Until six years ago the word “chiropractor” did not exist in my vocabulary. Even though at that time, I had been partially disabled for seventeen years due to an accident. I would never have thought of going to a chiropractor. It’s amazing how circumstances can change your life and your thinking. I injured my sciatic nerve and after three weeks of taking NSAIDS, prescribed by my doctor, my condition had not improved. I was still in excrutiating pain. My GodBrother called and suggested that I just “think” about seeing a chiropractor. He said that in the past, he had gone to chiropractors for treatment for his back problems with good results. I told him, alright I’ll “think” about it. The pain was so severe that night that I was up at six o’clock the next morning, perusing the Yellow Pages under “Chiropractors”. I phoned one nearby and made an appointment for that afternoon. Fate would have it, that the Doctor I was supposed to see was out, having Surgery and Dr. Eisen was replacing him. I thought to myself, Oh, Oh, I don’t think this is such a good idea afterall. Dr. Eisen looked too young to have very much experience. He took X-rays and told me to return the next day for the results. I went home and called my GodBrother and told him what had transpired and my belief that “that kid”, Dr. Eisen, wasn’t going to work out. The next day when I walked into his office, with a broad smile, he enthusiastically said “I know what your problem is”. Not only did he have solutions to my present problem, but he was able to resolve a lot of my physical problems I had been living with for the prior seventeen years. I went home and called my GodBrother and said, You know I like “that kid”, Dr. Eisen and I’ve decided to keep him.

After six years I still have faith and trust in his abilities. I love his enthusiasm for his work. His compassion and concern for the well being of his patients. His eagerness to continue learning, by attending seminars, where he learns new techniques, that enhances the lives of his patients. My hope and prayer for Dr. Eisen is, that through the years, he’ll continue to be as eager and excited about his practice as he is right how.




I was blessed to have been brought to Dr. Mark Eisen, Chiropractor Extraordinaire, in 2008 by my son. For many years, I had severe neck and shoulder pain which eventually radiated down to my arms. I was living on a wing and a prayer, and Aleve. I often ended the day in hysterics, actually wanting to go to a pain management clinic. One day, I read an advertisement by an orthopedic surgeon which offered “a free operation” for people with my problems. Although my visit to him proved fruitless (the actual surgery would have been thousands of dollars, and would have been followed by severe pain and months of physical therapy), a door opened for me. My son suggested that I visit Dr. Mark and allow him to evaluate my condition before undergoing needless surgery. After approximately three weeks, Dr. Mark notl only got rid of the pain in my arms, but I was able to put the Aleve back into the medicine cabinet. I was unable to turn my head — I can now do that and many other things I never thought I would be able to do. I even took up Yoga again. One of the things I love about Dr. Mark is his wholistic approach to mind and body. Many times, while adjusting me, we will ponder questions about God, and the reasons things happen (or don’t). He is a man who loves learning, and is always taking courses to better his practice. He is also a fan of “The Secret!” (shhh).

I continue to see Dr. Mark on a regular basis. I am blessed to have a caregiver such as him in my life. I hope the Wellness Center continues to grow and thrive, much as Dr. Mark has helped me and other family members to do the same.




I first met Dr. Eisen back in November 2006, during a very crucial point in my life. First off, I was experiencing severe neck pain which was causing tingling and numbness in my hands. I went to my regular Doctor on 3 different occasions for the same problem, in which he kept prescribing different medications (everything from anti-inflammatory pills to sleeping pills), but all did nothing to stop the pain and correct the problem. Finally, a friend recommended I see a chiropractor. I was extremely skeptical about it but decided to try it anyway since I was so desperate to not be in pain anymore. I checked online and found Dr. Eisen, whose office happened to be closest to my job. I went for a consultation with Dr. Eisen, during which he explained what Chiropractic care was and how he could help me. After about 3 visits to Dr. Eisen, I no longer had any pain and the numbness and tingling had also subsided. Prior to ever meeting Dr. Eisen I had been in the process of becoming a Police Officer, but wasn’t sure if I could pass all the physical tests because of the pain I was experiencing. Just 2 months after I started going to Dr. Eisen on a regular basis, I was hired by a local Police Department. All throughout the Police Academy, I was put through an extreme amount of physical activity and challenges wihch most people never experience and that came with an assortment of aches and pains. Again, Dr. Eisen was there to correct the problems and keep me going strong.

I’m now in my 3rd year as a Police Officer and still see Dr. Eisen on a regular basis. If it weren’t for him, I might not have been able to accomplish something that I wanted to do all my life. But Dr. Eisen hasn’t only helped me, he’s also helped other members of my family. My Mom had been experiencing neck and shoulder pains for as long as I can remember. After seeing a so-called “Specialist”, she was told that if she didn’t have major back surgery she would be crippled within a year and that the surgery only had a 50% chance of working. I convinced my Mother to go and speak to Dr. Eisen before even considering having this shifty surgery. It’s been over a year now that my Mom has been going to Dr. Eisen. Not only is she NOT crippled like the so-called “Specialist” told her she would be, but she has also regained about 90% of the strength in her arms and shoulders and is no longer in chronic pain. Recently my fiance started experiencing incapacitating back pains. Again, I recommended her to Dr. Eisen. After just her 2nd visit, my fiance’s pain has started to subside.

Dr. Eisen is a real professional and is extremely good at what he does. In my opinion, Dr. Eisen has proven to be nothing short of a miracle worker for me and my family and we continue to see him on a regular basis. I recommend Dr. Eisen to anyone and everyone who can benefit from his Chiropractic Care, which is Everyone. Most importantly, I am extremely grateful and thankful to have found such an incredible Doctor and person as Dr. Eisen.


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